Photo credit Katy Weaver

Commissions are currently closed until ~January 2022.

What am I willing to paint? Well... most things. You can see for yourself what my strengths are by perusing my portfolio or Instagram. Generally, I avoid painting faces and pets (the former because, well, they intimidate the heck out of me, and the latter because the stakes feel too high!). I'm willing to work off a photo you have (but I may have some feedback on its prospect for translation to artwork) or take an idea or theme and run with it.

Turn-around time is approximately ~3 months, but if you have a special occasion with a tighter timeline, let's chat.

Once I get started, I'll send you photos as the piece progresses. Your satisfaction matters, so if at any stage you're thinking, "Eh, Lizzy, not what I was thinking...", we'll regroup.

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